Welcome to this weird and wonderful little emporium of Magick Willow Designs, based in Northampton, Northamptonshire UK.  I've been interested in the dark and macabre since I was a child. I started crafting during Halloween 2015, where I started Halloween style items. In January 2016 I took it a little step further and slowly started selling some items, mostly small herb bottles, and upcycled bottles. I practice elemental witchcraft,  follow my own path and love to express this -for example- through art and crafts. 

One of my passions is creating bone art and jewellery, and I sometimes work with mummified animal remains. None of the animals I use in my art are killed for this purpose, they are all 'recycled' if you like. Often they are sadly killed on the road or by natural predators. Everything I use is ethically sourced and I find things myself in the woods.

My Gothic home decor pieces feature a range of different things. I'm mostly inspired by Universal Horror as I'm a horror lover, and love the Victorian time era. Art is a passion and a hobby. Making pieces is how I spend my spare time which is scarce as I have a full-time job. I love to trade at Alternative events. I just traded at my first Horror Con and there will be following more.

My items are handmade unless stated otherwise, I don't ever use clay molds or a 3D printer, just my imagination and my two hands. 

No item I make will ever be the same. They're all one of a kind. 

I hope you enjoy browsing my website and shop, maybe you will find a piece that calls to you. :)

Esther Hunter - Magick Willow Designs